Sunday, March 3, 2013

Journey from Death to Life

The Bible Episodes 1 and 2
Genesis 22:1–19

Everyone here has a story. Some read like tragedies, some like comedies. But everyone has a story.  “The Binding of Isaac,” usually told from Abraham’s perspective, is a display of his great faith.  But have you ever looked at it from Isaac’s perspective? That’s how we will approach it today.  That story, from Genesis 22, is not just Isaac’s story; it is the story of all of us.
The Test For Abraham
A. The offering required  vs l-2
There are times in life when all of us are called upon to make heart sacrifices.
Most of us will face an "Isaac experience," when a crisis is thrust into our lives without warning and without survival instructions.
B. The obedience  vs3-14

1. The compliance of Abraham vs3-4

2. The command to the young men vs5

3. The concern of Isaac vs6-7

4. The confidence of Abraham vs8-10

5. The communication of the angel of the LORD vs11-12

6. The completion of the worship vs13-14

C. The Oath of the LORD  vs 15-19  
The story from Genesis 22 is not just Isaac’s story; it is the story of all of us in at least three very important ways.

I. My life is an uncertain journey.


II. My death appears certain.  Romans 5:12


III. My salvation has been provided.  

God provided a ram as a substitute sacrifice in Isaac’s place and God provided a lamb as a substitute for our sin.

God was, is, and ever will be Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides.


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