Sunday, August 7, 2022

Gospel Worthy Unity

Gospel Worthy Unity 

Philippians 1:27-30

We are called to live our lives worthy of the gospel we proclaim. Our confession is our commitment & conduct. If our lives don’t match our confession, it’s probably because we do not believe the confession. This morning we will look at what it means to live a manner of life worthy of the gospel.

Gospel Worthy Citizens

Manner of life: this is how you conduct yourself in worddeed, and action

Our lives and habits should reflect our citizenship in heaven.

Stand firm- As a soldier 

One Mind- Single minded purpose 

Striving together - As athletes (Contending)

The Glorious Gift of Salvation and Suffering

Believe in Him - Is literally "continually believing into Him.”  Saving faith is not a one-time event.

Salvation is a glorious gift that God has granted, and suffering is the means in which God is conforming us into the image of Jesus Christ.

Conflict - The worthy life of gospel unity is not absent of pain.

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