Sunday, July 31, 2022

Finding Good Advice Part 2

Finding Good Advice Part 2

Proverbs 3:5-6  

It is amazing to see how many sources the average person will consult when faced with making a decision and where they turn first. God wants us to make wise decisions. He wants us to follow His guidance. Proverbs 3:5-6 shares a simple formula for living a successful life.

I.      The Object Of Trust “Trust in the Lord…”

Trust is to be in the Person of God - not His commands or His church or its leaders.

Myth: God’s will is hard to discover

When we follow the 95% of God’s will that we know, the other 5% become easier to understand.

God can be trusted even when we don’t understand all His dealings with mankind.

The more senseless life becomes the greater our need to trust in God.

II.    The Extent Of Trust - "... with all your heart"

Half-hearted trust is like whole-hearted doubt.

The heart at rest is the heart at God's harbor. Inner peace comes with single commitment.   

III.   The Misdirection Of Trust – “and do not lean on your own understanding”

Stop trying to be in CONTROL!

Myth: God wants us to know everything about the future.

Our minds are limited by scope and corrupted by sin

There are things in life that we will never understand

IV.  The Fellowship Of Trust - "In all your ways acknowledge Him..."

This is a command to guard against only acknowledging God in times of trouble and acts of worship.

To "acknowledge" God in a situation is to open the door for His intervention, support, and His direction.

How Do I Know What God is Leading Me to Do?

Listen to the Spirit of God within. 

Listen to His Word from the Bible.

Listen to Godly counsel.

Take the Next Revealed Step.

V.    The Results Of Trust - "…and He will make your paths straight."

Myth: God’s greatest goal for my life is my HAPPINESS

God is more concerned about your character than He is about your comfort.

Though the path may be straight it will still lead through valleys and deserts and over mountains and rivers

VI.  Conclusion 

God reveals His will as we trust and obey Him day by day.

God’s will is a way of adventure and abundant life.

God wants us to know his will.

God will match our gifts and skills with His calling.

God gives new opportunities to do His will.

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