Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Lord Our Banner

Exodus 17:8-16
A flag can tell us a lot about a nation and its people. It becomes a symbol of that body. A flag or a banner can become so revered that it can cause men and women to fight to their death for its cause. A flag is usually displayed in a prominent place to let everyone know who has occupied that place. Every army in the world fights under a flag that has no power in and of itself but signifies who is fighting and indicates the power and resources at their disposal. If we are Christians, we can confidently fly God’s banner because we have been given access to all of God’s strength and resources.

I. In This Life You Will Encounter ObstaclesAnd DifficultiesThat Will Try And Hinder God's Plan For You.  Exodus 17:8

Anythingin your life that blocks you from doing what God wants done is your Amalek.

·      A troubled relationship- Amalek
·      A debilitating illness- Amalek
·      poorviewof self and ability - Amalek
·      A tragic, unforeseen circumstance– Amalek
Sometimes you need to assume responsibility and be willing to fight, just like Joshua and his men.

II. The Fight To Overcome These Obstacles And Difficulties Is Both PhysicalAnd Spiritual.  Exodus 17: 10-13

If we wantvictoryin the valley there must be prayeron the hilltop.

You and I are given authorityover the power of the enemy

III. The Lord Revealed That VictoryIs Found Under His AuthorityExodus17: 14-16

God has planted His flag on our lives to show that He is victoriousIt is up to you to keep that banner flying high in your life nomatterwhatcircumstance comes your way.  

JehovahNissi, the Lord our Banner, waves over you. As believers in Christ, you must realize that you are more thanconquerors.

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