Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Cluttered Life

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
Life can become complicated and cluttered.  The rushing here and there, this appointment, that meeting, activities centered around kids, friends, work and self can take a heavy toll.  If your life seems cluttered, see what you may learn from the life of Solomon when his life became empty from clutter.
I. Characteristics of the Cluttered Life
A. Busyness - 2:4
When our activity results in neglected relationships with our spouse, family, friends, and God, it is wrong.
B. Dissatisfaction - 2:7-9

C. Addiction - 2:10

·             When gaining leads to greed, we are out of control. 
·             When work leads to workaholic, we are out of control.
·             When pleasure leads to addiction, we are out of control.
·             When motion replaces purpose, we are out of control.

D. Dissipation - 2:17

E. Debt - Isaiah 55:2

II. Consequences of the Cluttered Life  Ecc. 2:11
meaninglessness - vanity, emptiness, unsatisfactory, worthless
The cluttered life focuses on the stuff of life not the meaning of life.
There is no meaning without purpose and there is no lasting purpose without God.
III. Causes of the Cluttered Life
A. Selfishness - “I, me, myself
The cause behind the cluttered life is an empty heart.
B. Godlessnessv.4 – my mind
"The cluttered life leaves no room for God."
"Unfulfilled" is the key descriptive word for people in our world today.

C. Disorganization - Failure to establish priorities (and boundaries)

IV. Cure for the Cluttered Life
A. Planned Solitude
B. Proper Stewardship

C. Selfless Service

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