Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life Interrupted

Matthew 1:18-25
Mary was excited as she and her parents made the wedding plans. And then…God messed with their plans!  What do you do when your life plans are interrupted by God?
In every Christian’s life there are divine appointments crafted by God’s hand to both bless us and use us.
Many coincidences in life are truly divinely designed encounters.
A Divine interruption doesn’t just use us as we travel through life; it stops us dead in our tracks and changes our direction . 

I. God Does Not Ask Permission Before He Interrupts Our Lives

Opportunity knocks when God shows up.
We have a responsibility to listen when God interrupts our lives.
We can choose not to obey His will, but we cannot change His will for our life!

II. God's Plan Is Not Always Easy to Follow

God-sized tasks cannot be accomplished in human power or understanding.
The way of God and the will of God cannot be determined by our level of comfort.
Our question is “WHY?” when our course does not match our expectations or plans. 
God is in the business of sustaining, not explaining. He has never promised to tell us why things happen. 
We make a terrible error in our concept of Christianity when we believe that God makes life easy when we are in His will and that the easy way is God's way. 

III. God Will Bless Us and His Plan

If we will agree to follow God's plan no matter how difficult, eternity will record a far reaching impact for good because of it!

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