Sunday, December 15, 2019

What Do You Give A King?

Maybe you have had the experience of trying to buy for someone who has everything. The Wise Men in this story faced that same question - What do you give a King? These men had each chosen a special gift fit for a King, but it seemed the king they found was not what they expected.

We live in a world of unmet expectations.

I.     Disappointment is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with in life.

·         The stable experiences of life are tests of flexibility and faith.

II.    Look for God in the Stable

·         Not everything that looks ordinary is ordinary.

·         The death of our vision may create the means of God to give us what He desired in His way, not ours.

·         Just because we know God's direction in our lives may not mean we know His method.

·         Give God your expectations.

·         Changing YOU may be the key to changing your circumstances.

III.  Offer Your Best to God in the Stable 

·         Overcome a tendency to meet second-rate circumstances with half-hearted efforts. 

·         Recognize that where your treasure is your heart will be also.

·         Hoping to have joy from what we receive is a sure plan for disappointment.

·         Giving gets our heart and mind involved.

·         Recognize that attitude has everything to do with experience.

·         Boredom – The inability to take responsibility for your own happiness.

·         Recognize that we may be in positions that could be glorious if we would give ourselves to them.

·         Just because something is not what you thought it would be does not make it of lesser value.

·         They gave themselves.

IV.  Receive the Direction of God through the Experience of the Stable

·         Contact with God in the present may alter your future direction.

·         Tomorrow you can be someone you can’t even imagine, in a place you never dreamed you could be if you let God make the changes he desires today.


·         You may find the best of God in the worst of life.

·         Being a Christian is not just a title that we give ourselves, it is a lifelong commitment to a benevolent yet powerful king.

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