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Living in Gratitude

Living in Gratitude 

Psalm 131

It’s possible that you’ve never noticed Psalm 131 before. It only has three verses, so you might tend to overlook it as being not very important. But that would be a mistake because this little chorus by David is quite powerful.  Rev. Charles Spurgeon said that this Psalm is “one of the shortest to read, but one of the longest to learn.”

I.    The Spirit of Gratitude - v1a

A core part of true thanksgiving is understanding that I am not the full source of my blessings.

An overdeveloped sense of entitlement blocks gratitude.

II.  The Attitude of Gratitude - v1b

Arrogance and pride lead to advertising one’s ignorance.

Meddlers are people who butt into other people’s lives with shallow advice on deep matters they know little about seeking praise for their wisdom.

To know Godourselves and our duty is our responsibility.  All else belongs to God.

III. The Condition of Gratitude - v2

Happiness requires contentment.

The first lesson in the school of life: growing up involves painful losses that can lead to wonderful gains.

An immature believer seeks God for what God can do for them. A mature believer seeks God for who He is and to have a relationship with Him and love Him.

God sometimes has to wean us away from good things in order to give us better things.

Existing in an abnormal “normal” is a sign of a surrender to the person or circumstance that has entangled us.

To be weaned is to have something removed from your life which you thought you couldn’t live without.

How God Weans Us from the World

He makes the things of the world bitter to us. 

He removes one by one the things on which we depend

He gives us something better

IV.      The Result of Gratitude - v3

Real hope is to place your faith in someone not something.

Our present circumstances are the womb out of which new blessings and opportunities will be born.  Romans 8:28

If you are not looking forward to the future as a Christian you can't enjoy the present or be grateful for your past.



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