Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times Part I

The Substance of Faith
1 Kings 17:1
Today, we begin an intense look at the walk of faith as it is displayed in the life of Elijah. He appears suddenly on the pages of Scripture, stepping out of obscurity in a big way to confront the King of Israel with his sin. Where did he get the courage to do what he did? What Elijah did was an act of faith. Today we examine the substance of Elijah's faith.

People don’t need more religion; they need a living faith!
When you lose faith, you lose hope.
The Christian life is an experience of faith.
Your strength is in direct proportion to your faith and your faith is in direct proportion to your knowledge of God…through your spirit.
Grace is the power of salvation while faith is the means of salvation and all is of God
Faith is the way we see God and relate to God in all of life. 
Faith is the eye of the soul
Spiritual faith is confidence grounded in the reality of God’s revelation through creation, history and the testimony of men.
Faith is a solid conviction resting on God’s words that makes the future present and the invisible seen.
Faith is not a mental act or an emotion; it is a function of the Holy Spirit acting upon the spirit of man to interact with the Spirit of God.
Faith is not when you decide anything; it is when your spirit is taken captive by the Spirit of God and given hope through salvation.

I.    He believed that God was real"As the Lord the God of Israel lives"

II.     He believed that he would give an account of his life to God. before whom I stand
A.    Faith Creates Accountability.
B.    Faith Requires Availability.
There is no greater ability than availability.

III.   He believed that the resources God had provided him were adequate.  James 5:17
A.    Elijah was a man subject to like passions.
B.    Elijah was a man of prayer.

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