Sunday, February 13, 2022

Time and Miracles

 Time and Miracles 

Mark 8:22-26

The miracles of Jesus were often single events that happened immediately.  However, here we see a man whose healing occurred in stages.  Miracles in our lives certainly may require time as Jesus guides us to healing or blessing. 

The Expectations Of People - Mark 8:22

People Love to Be Entertained

·  Beware religion when it speaks more to your emotions than your spirit

People Want to Repeat Religious Experiences

·  Religious traditions are often the result of attempts to replicate a previous encounter with God

·  Encountering and experiencing God is not tied to any specific methodology.

·  What we expect God to do is not always what He does. But we can be assured that what He does will be precisely what we need.

The Power of Compassion

they” Is the Name of Compassionate People ...

·  We are so fearful of forcing our faith on someone that we have put down the stretchers we used to bring in those who need a touch from Jesus.

Time is the Enemy of Compassionate Action

·  It takes time to heal people or help people. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to stop…then you can help.

The Potential for Clarity - Mark 8:23-24

Trusting Jesus more means getting to know Him better. And that is something which takes time.

The actions of grace are not the substance of grace.

God's focus is on faith.

·  Symbols do serve to stimulate faith.

·  God is far more interested in developing faith in us than He is in our physical healing.

The Miracle Completed -- Mark 8:25

Jesus' touch will free us from the constant dependence on people or things.

The truth is that not everything becomes clear when you meet Christ.  We need the Master’s touch again and again.

Lesson for the Day: Spiritual understanding and wisdom come gradually as our faith grows.

You will grow more in the security of your Father's love than in the neurotic frenzy to avoid his punishment.

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