Sunday, March 13, 2016

Authentic Church-ianity

How can we take what we have learned about Authentic Christianity and apply it to the body of Christ to become the Authentic Church?
Acts 2:41-47
”Ekklesia” – Greek word for church meaning “the called out  It is a gathering of followers of Christ.
The church is the body of Christ, of which He is the head. It is where we have opportunity to express our worship and exercise the gifts of the Spirit the Lord has given us.

·      Motivated by the Gospel (v.41)
·      Meaningful Membership (v.41-42)
·      Mentoring Leadership (v.42)
God has redeemed you from your past so you can grow and live for Him in the present which will someday impact someone else’s future
·      Moved by God's Power (v.43)
When God’s power moves in people’s lives, people move their lives under the presence of God.
·      Minister to One Another (v.44-45)
Community - unity with a common purpose
Our service (ministry) is an indication of what or who is a priority in our lives. This is evident by the emphasis we place on how we sacrifice our time, energy, and resources.
·      Meet Together Regularly (v.46-47)
·      Mobilized to Multiply (v.47)
  • What are the qualities that make North Side a special and unique place for my family and community?
  • If it were up to me, how would I lead North Side to grow in ministry to each other?
  • If it were up to me, how would I lead North Side to better impact our community?

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