Sunday, November 25, 2012

Whatever Happened to “Thank You?

Luke 17:11-19
The absence of etiquette in our world stems from a deeper problem than mere poor manners.  Some go through life thinking everyone owes them.  As soon as they make a demand, they feel it should be met immediately and without question.  The story of the ten lepers is revealing of the condition of our world. 
The absence of manners is a social problem.  The absence of gratitude is a spiritual problem.
Ingratitude is the mishandling of grace.

I. Whatever Happened to Please?”  Matthew 7:7

Anything someone does for us that we cannot claim as a right is a gift of grace.
It is an out of control false sense of entitlement that leads people to demand and not request; to be hateful instead of grateful.
If you track your blessing it will always lead you back to God.

II. Whatever Happened to Thank You?” Luke 17:11-19
The heart of Christian worship is called the Eucharist.
Gratitude is a close relative of happiness.
The essence of appreciation is humility that respects others, and says “thank you.”
Practical Atheism begins with ingratitude. It ends in idolatry and destruction.
There is no thankfulness without contentment, for if God has blessed, He has blessed sufficiently.

III. Whatever Happened to “You’re Welcome?”
Instead of “You’re Welcome” we get “No Problem”?
Instead of “You’re Welcome” we getDon’t worry about it!

IV. Whatever Happened to “I’m Sorry?” II Corinthians 7:10

Real sorrow feels the pain we have caused another and cleanses our spirit as well as theirs.
Saying "I am sorry" to God is called confession.  True sorrow includes repentance.
Until we admit we are wrong and confess and repent, we cannot receive forgiveness and walk in restoration..

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