Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wanted: The Unwanted

John 9
Why does a good God allow suffering and pain? Why do some people seem to have more than their fair share of bad hands dealt to them in life? Many look at difficulties in this life and think that God is distant and uncaring, but the truth of the matter is that God doesn’t let our suffering go to waste. The struggle you face today has the potential to bring about something wonderful in your life. May we be those who find a way to embrace the difficulties that come our way, knowing they are the building materials from which the Lord can fashion His glory.  
The irony of having a thanklessjobis that you don’t realize it is a thankless job unless it is yourjob.

  I.     Was This Thankless Role A ProductOf Sin?

·       The disciples voice the foundational questionof all suffering: Why?
·      According to the disciples, this man's blindness was either the result of hissinor his parent'ssin.
·       Although God is faithful to judgesin in every generation, the deck is stacked toward mercy.
·       God warnsus that if we sin we’re going to be responsiblefor it.
·       Each person will stand before God and answer for himselfor herself.

     II.        Was This Thankless Role A ProcessOf Selection?

·      The reason this man was born blind was so the worksof God might be displayedin him.

·       Unlike anything else, miserygives opportunity for ministryto happen.
·      The question is not, 'Who causedthe misery?' The question is, 'Will you allow God to useit?'"
·      Sometimes our obedienceto God is not a statement of great faith as much as it is a desire to relieve our discomfort.
   III.        Was This Thankless Role A PerfectSituation?
·       The more difficult the role you've been asked to fulfill, the greater God's glorywill shinethrough in your life.
·       The bloodof Jesus is what cleanses us from our sin, and the word of your testimonyis what proves that the blood did its job.

·       Peaceis found in the worshipof Jesus Christ the Lord.  

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