Sunday, September 20, 2020

 God’s Warrior from Manasseh Part 4  Judges 6-7

Christianity is under attack both globally and nationally and believers are struggling with fear of reprisals if they share their beliefs. God is looking for a Gideon for this generation. 

      I.  A Sinful People 6:1-2;7-10

    II.  A Defeated People 6:3-5

   III.  The Extraordinary in the Midst of the Ordinary 6:11

  IV.   A Coward or a Conqueror? 6:12

    V.   Doubts from Despair 6:13

  VI.  Weakness Turns to Worship  6:14-24

 VII.  Real Worship Leads to Repentance 6:25-27

VIII.  The Impact of One Man’s Commitment  6:28-34

  IX.  Confirming God’s Direction  6:36-40

   X.  Following God’s Orders  Judges 7:1-8

·      Christians are either overcome because of their unbelief or overcomers because of their faith

·      When God gives us a vision of the solution to a life problem, we want to know the how and why so we can be in control.

·      A faith that can’t be tested can’t be trusted.

God tests our faith for at least two reasons:

·      To show us whether our faith is real or counterfeit

·      To strengthen our faith for tasks He’s set before us

The First Sifting Judges 7:1-3

·      Victories won because of faith bring glory to God because nobody can explain how they happened.

·      Pride after the battle robs God of glory, while fear during the battle robs God’s soldiers of courage and power.

·      One individual can stop the movement of God by declaring, What if…?”

·      Fear and faith can’t live together very long in the same heart.

The second sifting Judges 7:4-8

·      We never know when God may be testing us in some ordinary experience of life.

·      The real test of an individual may not be how they handle the stage, but the street.

·      You can get a crowd with popular Christian entertainment, but it will probably dissolve when called to sacrifice or service.

    XI.  An Unsolicited Sign  Judges 7:9–15a

·      Gideon wanted signs and God was willing to give them, even knowing He would be giving him assurance if he would just keep obeying.

·      Testimonies that are powerful speak of a fulfilled promise of God, not just an act of God.

·      What is significant here is the fact that God works in places we know nothing about bringing about His victory for His people and His glory.

·      Before we can be successful warriors, we must first become sincere worshipers.

  XII.  God Gives the Victory Judges 7:15b–25

How did God reward Gideon’s faith?

·         God gave him wisdom to prepare the army. 7:15b–18

·         God gave him courage to lead the army. 7:19–22

·         God gave him opportunity to enlarge the army. 7:23–25

·         The story of Gideon began with a man hiding in a winepress, but it ended with the enemy prince being slain at a winepress.

We may not fully understand His plans, but we can fully trust His promises; and it’s faith in Him that gives the victory.

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