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The Church I Want To Belong To Part 2

The Church I Want To Belong To Part 2

Galatians 6:1-16

Galatians is a book about grace (the power of God to do His will) and its meaning for the Christian.  There is a great difference in God’s work of grace and man’s attempts to satisfy his wrath.  There is also a great difference in the way a grace church treats the fallen.

The heart of God is grace-filled.  The work of God is grace centered.  The church which worships God should be grace-minded in its relationships. 

Falling away after you have been a believer for a long time and being restored carries emotions like being savedagain.

Too many are lost to long-term ministry because of short-term weakness.

God does not do anything halfway and that includes restoration.

That which has been mended always leaves a mark.

The scars are real and will remind us of our weakness and His mercy.

The Church I Want to Belong To Is…

A Church That Seeks to Restore, not Condemn Galatians 6:1-2

What? "restore"- Put back in position. 

Katartizete - a Greek word used for setting broken bones and in the New Testament for mending fishing nets.

There is no greater theme in the Bible than that of restoration.

The mercy of God is exhibited by His patience with us when we rebel against Him.  


Grace does not remove the consequences from disobedience.

Scripture tells us to receive a rebuke and submit to accountability to strengthen that area of our lives.

Restoration is only possible with honest repentance.

Only God can change someone, and He will wait on them to turn to Him.

Helping people help themselves is one of the hardest jobs.

·       The fact God understands our weaknesses does not mean He excuses our behavior

·       Stop our enabling and control.

·       Address the cause of their situation instead of the consequences.

·       Avoid the temptation to “be the consequences.”

·       Learn to trust God to change the one we love. 

SO, how are we to respond?

HOW?  In a spirit of meekness and fear v.1

Such qualities are GRACE given and GRACE driven.

…in a spirit of gentleness

Not "lording over" them but submitting to them in service and love.

Considering yourself lest you be tempted - Acknowledges our own vulnerability.

Why?  Because this is the law of Christ (love). v.2

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