Friday, April 20, 2018

The Apostle by Chapter | 1 Corinthians Chapter 16

By Sam Nobles

In this final chapter, Paul discusses one last subject before making his concluding remarks. It concerns the collection for the saints, for which Paul gives instructions as to the manner in which the funds are to be gathered and then sent to Jerusalem.

Concerning Collections (v.1-4)
After encouraging the church at Corinth to labor faithfully, Paul gives them a practical opportunity to do so in giving financially. Paul was collecting money to give to the believers in Jerusalem who were feeling the effects of a famine in the region; therefore, any funds that people wanted to give toward the church were to be gathered on the first day of each week. Anyone giving was to do so as they had been prospered, to avoid last minute collections (v.2) Once the funds had been collected, they were to be sent along with an approved representative of the church in Corinth (v.3). The 4 principles seen here should stand across the board for Christian giving in general: voluntary, proportionate, systematic, and honest. 

Concerning Leadership (v.5-12)
Paul writes briefly of his plans to see the Corinthian Christians again and makes a few comments concerning Timothy and Apollos. Regarding Timothy, Paul asks that they do not despise him, but allow him to come to them without fear (v.10-11). As far as Apollos, though urged by Paul, he chose not to go to Corinth now, but is waiting for a more convenient time (v.12). Even great men of faith, such as Paul, Timothy, and Apollos were in need of encouragement and prayer. Are you praying for your spiritual leaders?

Concerning Christ (v.13-24)
Paul’s final exhortations and solemn warning were steeped in love:  the need to love one another, a warning to love the Lord, and a declaration of his love for them. Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers to submit to the household of Stephanus and others like them, who refresh the spirits of those who know them (v.15-18). As Paul ends this letter, he does so with greetings from the churches of Asia, Aquila and Priscilla, and others (v.19-20). Paul also gives a grave warning about not loving the Lord Jesus, with a plea for his coming (v.22-24).

Scripture to Claim:
“Let all that you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14 ESV)

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