Sunday, March 28, 2021

From Coronation To A Cross

From Coronation To A Cross  

Matthew 21:1-14

All in the span of seven days, Christ will go from exaltation and coronation to vilification to crucifixion, and finally from resurrection to glorification.

The events of that first Palm Sunday mark the beginning of the Passover, and the week of passion for Jesus.

  I. The Coronation – Matthew 21:1-9 - When Jesus Is Who We Want Him To Be

·  The Preparation was with Purpose.

·  The Prophecy was Fulfilled.

·  The Praise Was Unrestrainable!

v For the Jewish people, Passover was more than a religious observance, it was the time of year they celebrated liberation from Egyptian bondage.

v Hosanna!” – an Aramaic term that means “Save us now!”

v Palm branches were a symbol associated with Jewish nationalism.

II.The Crowd – Matthew 21:10-11  When Jesus Is Who He Is

·  The Jewish people had prepared their own agenda for their Messiah.

·  Have we not learned that God is in the business of sustaining, not explaining?

III.The Conflict – Matthew 21:12-13 - When Jesus Confronts Religion

·  When religion creates demands that are apart from the desire of God, it becomes religious abuse.


IV.The Compassion  Matthew 21:14-16 - When Jesus Does What He Does Best

·  The voices of the world should never interfere with the mission of God.

V.The Call – John 12:20-26 When Jesus Says What We Don’t Want Him To Say  

·  “The time for miracles is over. The time for commitment is now.”

·  The road to Christlikeness often leads to a cross.

VI.The Condemnation – Matthew 27:22-23 - When Jesus is NOT Who We Want Him To Be

VII.The Cross - John 12:32-33 – When Jesus Finished His Course

·  The cross was His destiny – for us.

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