Sunday, October 21, 2018


John 12:1-8

Taking a step of faith can seem reckless to those around you; however, the Bible goes to great lengths to point out the people and the blessing that belongs to those who step out in faith and put themselves on the line no matter the cost.
The Lord expects usto respond to Him in faith.  
 I.        At this Party, Jesus Was Surrounded by People Who Respected and AppreciatedHim, But Only For Their Own Selfish Reasons.
·     The Disciples saw Jesus as a way to become richand powerful.  
·     No one has a problem following Jesus as long as it helps them to getwhat they want.  
·     Godowesyou nothing.
·     Some people follow Jesus because they are seeking an emotionalexperience.
·     Do not be deceived into thinking that emotionalfeelings are equivalent to spiritualgrowth in your life.
    II.        Mary Showed Her Love and Affection For Jesus Through Complete Subjectionand Submissionto Him. 
·     Mary was always foundat the feetof Jesus
·     Mary counted the costand gave the bestthing she had to Jesus.  
·     God wants allof you, not just the leftoverparts you are willing to give Him.  
·     There is a costto followingJesus. 
·     It is not enough to be in the crowd who respects and appreciates Jesus; you need to be brokenat the feetof Jesus.  
·     Trueworshipis realizing that even your best and most valuableis nothing compared to the feet of Jesus, yet you still bringing it to him in humility.

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